It’s a tough job keeping an office running smoothly, which is why we need someone to steady the ship and make sure our team of accountants can get on with what they do best. We caught up with Debra Harris to find out what a typical day as Chuhan & Singh Practice Manager looks like.



After hitting snooze on the alarm a couple of times, I eventually pull myself out of bed and head downstairs.

My husband, Nigel, will already be up, and I’ll have 20 minutes to get myself sorted before my son, William, awakens. We have perfected our morning routine to ensure we aren’t grumpy by getting in each other’s way.



I’m out the door and on my way to work. The 9-mile journey is a busy route and takes 20 minutes on a good day. Leave 15 minutes later though, and I would be stuck in a 40-minute queue of traffic, struggling to get parked at the rear of the office.



First things first, coffee. I’m not a morning person.

I sit down at my desk, check my emails, bank client’s receipts and try to get everything in order for the day ahead. I love a list, but this can quickly go out of the window at the first phone call or staff drop-in, so tasks may be pushed back to another time.

Occasionally I’ll be called to move between departments, but generally at my desk is where I will spend my day – meaning my FitBit often tells me I don’t move enough.



The coffee has kicked in and I’m starting to feel sociable. I work independently but use the Partners as a sounding board to bounce ideas off.

My role covers admin, accounts, maintenance and HR by looking after the rest of the team. I’m here to make sure everything runs smoothly, whether that’s sorting IT issues, getting the front door fixed, or chasing clients for money.

I love being involved with the team, and if I can make an improvement or a difference for a better, then that is my motivation. My nosey, inquisitive personality helps me get the job done.



Lunch time! If I’m trying to be healthy, I’ll bring something in for my dinner, but there are so many delicious eateries surrounding our office just off Linthorpe Road that it’s hard to say no sometimes (which isn’t too good for the waistline).



I’m back at my desk and ready to see what the afternoon brings.

I don’t have a ‘typical’ day – sometimes it’s full of staff and clients queries and loads of emails, others it all goes steady and I have plenty of time to catch up on any tasks which have been pushed back on the to-do list.

I genuinely love all of my job and don’t have any tasks I won’t do – I’m a ‘yes’ person, known as ‘the sorter outerer’ and will get stuck into anything that needs doing.



One of the less favoured tasks on my to-do list is chasing clients for money – I don’t like nagging too much. Luckily, I have another colleague who is cracking at it, and we work fantastically well together as a team.

We’re fortunate to have such a diverse team with plenty of personalities who fit together well and work like a dream, which definitely makes my job easier!


5.15 pm

Time to head home. I absolutely love stationery and I’m a bit of a kleptomaniac, so anything that has been left on my desk throughout the day will be stowed away in my drawer before I leave.

Three times a week I head to the gym to kick out my busy day at a combat class, but tonight the sofa is calling my name.


5.35 pm

I give the house a tidy, picking up coats and shoes dumped at the front door by the hubby and son, before getting out of my work clothes and into my loungewear.

I love Autumn when the dark nights begin to draw in. We have a log burner, and my ideal evening is spent snuggled up with a Netflix boxset on.


9.45 pm

Time to head up to bed. I’ll catch up with ‘facefarce’ to check if I’ve missed anything exciting, before plugging the phone in to charge and nodding off.