We’re living in unprecedented times, with the Coronavirus crisis causing uncertainty for business owners and employees alike. Our offices may be temporarily closed, but we are still here to provide advice and support to our clients where possible, answering the questions you need to know.


Q: I’m self-employed – is there any support for me?




With tough social distancing measures in place and all non-essential businesses such as construction sites, beauticians and hairdressers ordered to close, it will have been almost impossible for self-employed individuals to find income during the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown.


Luckily, the Government has now announced the Self-employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) – a package to support individuals who have lost, or will be losing, income due to Coronavirus.


The SEISS scheme will allow those affected to claim a taxable grant worth 80% of their trading profits, up to a maximum of £2,500 per month for the next three months. After that? The circumstances surrounding the pandemic are ever-changing, so there is the potential for this period to be extended if needed.


If you have lost income and need support through this scheme, visit https://www.gov.uk/guidance/claim-a-grant-through-the-coronavirus-covid-19-self-employment-income-support-scheme.