Tax Advice Hartlepool

Are you searching for reliable and fully qualified chartered accountants that help clients in Hartlepool with their tax advice and planning? At Chuhan and Singh, we help clients reduce their overall tax burden through well structured tax planning.

Our aim is to help businesses increase their profits, reduce their overhead costs and reduce their taxes. By having a professional team of chartered accounts manage your taxes you will also have more time to focus on other important areas of your business.

We want to fully understand your long term personal and business objectives so we can work together to discover tax options that link to your business structure and the current tax legislation. Our chartered accountants can also make practical and commercial recommendations that will benefit you and your business structure.

Errors and compliance issues of tax can be costly to your business as just one mistake could cause a HMRC investigation. Clients in Hartlepool can minimise that risk by having our team manage your taxes and providing you with straight forward advice. Our chartered accountants will make sure that you pay everything you need to on time and avoid any potential fines.

Our chartered accountants can also assist with VAT preparation and returns. We know just how complex understanding the VAT rules and the effects of VAT on your business can be, so we can ease the stress by preparing and submitting your completed VAT returns on your behalf. We can also provide you with helpful VAT advice that is based on your business objectives.

Other tax planning and advice that we offer are assistance with personal taxation, corporation taxation and insurance for tax investigations.

For more information on the tax planning and tax advice we provide to clients in Hartlepool, call us today on 01642 244090 or make an online enquiry.