We provide assistance with investigations and disputes with HMRC such as PAYE and VAT issues. We have specialist experience of VAT disputes with HMRC and can negotiate on our clients’ behalf to minimise any potential liabilities.

We can also provide an excellent support service to clients relating to HMRC tax investigations and VAT disputes with HMRC involving serious Tax Fraud (known as Code of Practice 9) and suspected Tax Avoidance (known as Code of practice 8).

Insurance for Tax Investigations, Enquiry and Dispute Fee Protection Service

Should you be subject to an HMRC enquiry or dispute, how will you cover the fees incurred? Chuhan & Singh has arranged an insurance policy to cover charges incurred to protect your interests.

The key areas covered by this policy are:

  • HMRC Full Enquiries
  • VAT Disputes
  • PAYE Disputes
  • NIC Disputes
  • Employment and Health and Safety Support Service

You will also be entitled to use the telephone support service for queries relating to:

  • Human resources
  • Employment Law
  • Health and Safety Law
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