We are delighted to let you know that our office is once again open and we will be employing a ‘new normal’ when it comes to navigating through COVID-19.


From now, we are operating a phased return for our employees to ensure safe working and social distancing.


We are encouraging all of our clients to engage with us through Zoom or telephone as an alternative to face to face meetings, and are happy to take enquiries over the phone to 01642 244090.


All of the below will be common practice until further notice:


  • Upon arrival, please ring the doorbell and wait for the buzzer for entry.


  • Visitors will only be granted access to the building at their allotted appointment time. Early arrivals will be asked to wait outside.


  • Please sanitise your hands upon entering and leaving the building.


  • All guests are asked to advise reception of all places visited and contact made during day the day up to the time of the appointment at our office. This is required for traceability in the event of an outbreak of the virus.


  • Please bring all necessary equipment such as pens, notepaper and calculators. The sharing of items is not permitted.


  • Observe social distancing of a minimum of two metres at all times.


  • To reduce the risk of contact and not adhering to social distancing rules, no refreshments will be offered and the toilets are not available for visitor use.


If you have records or information to drop into the office, please call to advise on 01642 244090. Upon arrival, ring the main doorbell and leave documents on the floor.  A staff member will come and collect them.