Are you struggling to keep up with the ever-changing legislation and processes surrounding payroll? It could be time to take it out of house.


It’s not unusual for firms to feel perfectly happy managing their own bookkeeping, but as a complex and time-consuming process, many dread the time of the month where they need to process payroll.


Here at Chuhan & Singh, we take pride in the knowledge that we are providing an important service for our clients. We have a team of three staff who complete around 250 payrolls, made up of a combination of weeklies, four weeklies, monthly and directors only.


Heading up our department is Payroll Senior Danielle Suddick, who has over 15 years’ experience in the industry and a passion to grow the service we offer even further.


We caught up with Danielle to find out more about how hiring an external accountancy can help firms process the dreaded payroll…


Tell us about the payroll services offered by Chuhan & Singh?


We use Sage Payroll Bureau to carry out our services, which allows us to send clients reports through a secure online portal and their employees to access payslips through a similar system. The system is great for reducing admin steps for our clients and saves them receiving endless ‘I’ve lost my payslip!’ emails from staff.


If the online portal isn’t for them, we’re happy to send reports via email too – it’s entirely in the clients’ hands.


What kind of issues can firms run into when managing payroll in-house?


One thing firms have found particularly challenging lately is the fact auto-enrolment into pension schemes for staff on more than 16 hours a week is now compulsory.


Clients struggle to appreciate that while they may only have a few staff, the average time it now takes to process the payroll, update HMRC and complete pension assessment has doubled with this new legislation. Hiring an external firm, like us, to process payroll and everything that comes alongside it can save a huge amount of time for firms.


How can clients benefit from a human touch when working with the payroll department?


We pride ourselves on providing a personal touch, and our clients really appreciate that. If there’s an issue we’re on hand to sort it, no matter what time of day, meaning firms don’t need to rely on unreliable chatbots or busy customer service hotlines. I’ve been known to process urgent requests even while on holiday!


Our workload skyrocketed recently with the introduction of the furlough scheme. Like many others, our office was closed during the height of the pandemic, but we remained a constant point of contact for our clients and worked from home to ensure their payroll wasn’t disrupted during this busy period.


I’m really proud of our team and it’s great to see the service we offer grow in terms of both client base and depth.


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